Always Learning

With the internet and books, there are so many great opportunities for learning.  Each artist has such a unique style and it's great when they share their methods and process.  The trick is to learn from them without losing your own identity and individuality in your art.  Sometimes I pick up one of the many watercolor books that I own, read about the artist's process and do a few of the exercises.  But if I start to lose who I am and begin to imitate their style too closely, I put the book down.  There is a fine line between learning and applying the rules and becoming an exact replica.

One of the books that I picked up recently is Joyce Hick's Painting Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes.  I love the colors she uses and the feelings of light and peace that her paintings evoke.  She talks a lot in her book about painting a feeling.  She is very generous with her step-by-step instruction and includes lots of delicious photos.  I had great fun working through some of the exercises and found them to be a little more challenging than they looked at first sight.  But I learned a lot through the process. 

Joy and Blessings,


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