Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Joy Ride

This little watercolor was a project for Junelle Jacobsen's 'Traveling Brightly' class.  She did hers in a dimensional mixed media project but I stuck in my comfort zone with watercolors.  As you can see, I am traveling along at a pretty fast pace - dropping my purchases as I speed along.  In real life, I keep things pretty 'tied down'.  Years ago when my youngest son was in high school, I went out one day and bought myself a red pickup.  He was a little jealous of my purchase, so he had lots of admonitions about women and pickup trucks.  One of them was that I should always secure my load because he didn't want me to be one of those people who takes off in the intersection leaving a load of lumber falling out on the pavement.  I've done much of my own woodworking and construction over the years and became a regular ninja at strapping things down with bungy cords.  Haven't lost a load yet.

Joy and blessings,

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