Thursday, March 3, 2016

I jump-started my creativity this year with an art journaling class presented by Joanne Sharpe called 2016 Artfully Inspired Life.  She provides 4 videos each month with lots of inspiration and mixed media techniques.  I wanted something that would challenge me to create daily and this was a good choice.  Joanne is very enthusiastic and always delivers what she promises in her courses.  The class is a real value for a whole year of content and videos and registration is still open if you are interested.

We are doing monthly mantras and I chose 'FAITH' for March.  With Easter this month, I felt it was a good focus.  I really like this quote since I have shoveled a lot of stuff (both physically and figuratively speaking) in my life.  And I have always believed that you have to pitch in and meet God half-way, so to speak.  I have never expected anything to arrive on my doorstep without giving it my whole effort.

Joy and blessings,

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