Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Delving Into Mixed Media

I've never been one to mix up the various art mediums too much.  I've worked with nearly all of the different mediums - oils, watercolors, acrylics, charcoal, etc. - but this idea of mixing them all up on the same page or surface is fairly new to me and still a bit foreign.  Kind of like taking a favorite recipe for cake and throwing corn in it.  And then you have all of those layers - why throw the corn in if you're just going to add a bunch of chocolate to cover up the taste of the corn.  Okay, that might not be a very good analogy for someone who wants a good excuse to add more chocolate.  But maybe that is it exactly - maybe the point of mixed media is so that you have an excuse for more delicious layers of color and texture and so that you can bury some little secret ingredient that only you, the creator, knows about.  Hmmm.

At any rate, I gave it a go yesterday with this project inspired by Willowing Arts Life Book 2016.  Seriously, another class!?!  You bet.  I got interested in this year-long art journey because Martha Lever is contributing a couple of lessons during the year and one of them is a lesson on Chunky Versal lettering.  I have admired this style on her website and wanted to learn more about it.  That particular lesson won't be available until the middle of October, so I have plenty of time to entertain myself with the myriad of other art forms and contributors included in the weekly videos.  And, oh my, there is a ton of content!  If my blog posts start to sound a little British, it is because the main contributor, Tamara Laporte, is from the UK and she has created soooo many videos.  Believe me when I say I am not complaining.  I feel like I have hit the mother-lode of art techniques.  :)  I normally get up long before the birds or sun so it is a great time to sit with my breakfast smoothy (or a cup of hot cocoa), watch a video and get inspired to create. 
This project was a 'warm-up' project for us newbies to mixed media and was quite fun to work at.  I worked at it in little spurts throughout the day.  It was a good way to take a break from clearing flower beds and spreading mulch.  Not that I am complaining about that either - it has been wonderful to be outside clearing away the debris from all of the green things springing from the ground.  I am way ahead of my usual spring tasks so it makes it more enjoyable and taking little breaks more guilt-free.

Joy and blessings,

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