Thursday, March 17, 2016

Curious Friend

I've been busy getting my paperwork in order for the 'tax man' so haven't produced much noteworthy artwork the last couple of days.  Until that time, I will share another little mixed media piece I did last spring.

Each spring the bird songs change and I can hear the new arrivals long before I can spot them.  My Dad was always pretty smart at identifying bird songs when we were out working in the field (he also could spot and identify a weed at 40 paces) and he would point them out and sometimes whistle them back.  This was, of course, long before iPods and ear buds of any kind.  So I gained a love and appreciation for the melodies and the birds creating them.  I especially love the orioles that come to our yard each spring.  We have really tall trees and they usually like to perch quite high so it is not always easy to see them.  But this little guy came right up to the patio door.  I was able to photograph him and work from those to do this little painting in my Moleskine journal.  I used watercolors for the bird and lettering, pan pastels for the background and black ink for the outlining.

Joy and blessings,

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