Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday Card

I have another card to share today.  I made this one for my daughter-in-law, Lisa, for her birthday.  I gave it to her last night when we were all together for supper.  Libby (her daughter) was quite excited when she saw the envelope and couldn't wait for her Mom to open it.  Not sure if it was because she knew Grandma had made it or if it was because she just loves celebrations.  She is most excited that her birthday is next.  :)

I used my Silhouette and a card design that I found in the online store, my go-to source for cute ideas.  Lisa had requested some cash for a pan that she wanted to purchase so I thought a kitchen theme was appropriate. 

My husband was in kind of a rush to leave for a sporting event when I was trying to finish up and get the card photographed and into the envelope.  Consequently, I forgot to remove the little piece of cardboard that I had tucked inside the apron pocket so that I could stamp 'happy birthday' on the front.  Lisa was nice enough to take a second photo (minus the cardboard) and send it to me.  But you can see the cardboard in the detail shot I took at home.  Kind of like going to church with a roller stuck in the back of your hair...

I used a second design for the bowl inside the card and made it so I could tuck the cash in the bowl.  The oven mitts came with the apron card design - so cute.  Some clever wording on the right side completes the ensemble.  :)

As always, thanks for stopping!

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  1. Hi Cathy, I love this card, such a great idea to theme it to the gift. I love the oven mitts and bowl money pocket idea, practical and inspired. Got to say your oven mitts are in much better shape than mine!

    Thanks for your lovely comments about my art journal, I have spent ages looking at videos on YouTube and I was lucky enough to do a few classes using Dylusions inks. I generally just search YouTube for a search term like mixed media art journaling but I can recommend the following artists if you want to get some great inspiration: Racho113, jennibelliestudio, dyan reavely (of Dylusions fame - great techniques for spray inks) Limor Webber - the list goes on but they are great places to start.

    The best thing about art journaling is that it is a great place to play and just have fun and it is just for you - you don't have to share it if you don't want to, but having seen some of your paintings I know your journal pages will be beautiful.

    Somerset Studios Art Journaling magazine is an amazing source of inspiration too, it is expensive ($14.99 per quarter - actually that may not be too bad in the US but we pay £14.99 here in the UK, which is 3 times the price of a normal craft magazine), but there are 150+ pages of all different styles of journaling to inspire you.

    Going to stop now before my comment is longer than your blog post, but I do hope you'll check out some of those videos and have a play.

    Take care, hugs MMx


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