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Hi - I'm back!  My apologies for taking such a long hiatus from posting.  It isn't because I haven't been busy creating - quite the opposite.  I can't seem to stop my creativity long enough to sit and write about it.

For a while after my hip surgery I wasn't able to sit comfortably in an upright chair.  That got me looking for things I could do in a recliner.  I pulled out my crochet hooks and yarn but the ball of yarn kept getting away from me and tangling in my walker.  (Not a dilemma I expected to have before I reached the 'home'.)  Anyway, that led me to dig out cross-stitch projects that I hadn't touched in years.  I finished four - so far.  I find I am really enjoying stitching in the wee hours of the morning while sipping my breakfast smoothy and listening to a book that I've downloaded from the library.

Stop by tomorrow for instructions and pattern.
Then with all of the extreme cold and ice we have had here in Iowa, I was a little afraid to step out the front door.  (Especially after seeing the bill for that new hip and viewing the x-rays.)  My studio is a bit of a trek down toward the barn, so instead, I decided to stay in and visit my sewing room.  There were many unfinished projects in there, too, so I got to work.  I have made pillows, pieced together quilt tops, made pincushions, organized my 'stash' and started giving my granddaughter sewing lessons.  My sewing machine broke a few years back and I replaced it with a new Janome that I hadn't really taken the time to get fully acquainted with.  So I have read the manual, tried out the various settings and attachments and generally fallen in love with sewing again.  When I bought the new machine they had a promotion where you got a second, smaller machine free.  So I set it up, too, and am humming along with both machines.  We are having the coldest winter Iowa has seen in 100 years but most days I really don't mind.  I just keep on stitching.

And on warmer days when the ice melts a bit, I venture down to my studio and create with inks, paper and paint.  Some days I even work - but only if I have to.

I went for a routine doctor's visit on Monday and the nurse, in the course of asking the usual questions, asked me if I had experienced any loss of interest in my normal activities and hobbies.  I told her "No, quite the opposite - I seem to be interested in everything!  Do you have a pill for that?"  :)

As always, thanks for stopping.



  1. Glad to see you've been busy. Beautiful sampler!

  2. Hi Cathy so glad to hear you're back to crafting and are getting more mobile. You have been busy! Beautiful sampler, I love the bird house. Those little hearts look adorable and so artfully arranged round that gorgeous sewing machine. Your sewing room looks like a heavenly place to get away from it all. Love that colour on the walls. Good to have you back. Stay warm and safe. Hugs MMx

    1. Hi Maisie. I am happy to say that I am very mobile now. I don't have any issues with my new hip and have no 'buyer's remorse'. :) So well-healed, in fact, that I have taken back all of the house cleaning duties from my husband. I was a little reluctant to let him off the hook with scrubbing the bathroom - it was awfully nice not to have that responsibility after 40 years of toilet scrubbing! But he has snow to shovel now so I will give him a break. Always good to hear from you. Cathy


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