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A few years back I started giving handmade cards to family and friends on special occasions.  This tradition has grown into more elaborate cards each year!  :)  I try to create a card that is special to the person or occasion.  It's a fun creative challenge and a fun way to incorporate tools and supplies I have in my stash.  I love taking photos and like to use them in my projects, but I seem to get a little overwhelmed by the idea of creating a whole scrapbook.  So this is a way to share those photos in small doses.  Or, as in this project, some photos others have shared with me.

Our oldest granddaughter turned 13 a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to create a keepsake for her that included some of my favorite shots of her as a little girl.  She is growing up so fast!  When she was small, one of the comments we would hear most often was that she looked just like a Precious Moments doll.  You can't deny she is a cutie!
I used Sizzix Dies - the Flip 3-D Accordion Album to create the folder and the Bracket Frame and Label to cut out the photos.  I wanted to incorporate lots of photos, so I covered both sides with them.
I used carton cardboard (a graham cracker box) for the base and covered it with patterned cardstock.  However, the hinged area cut completely through.  Even though I knew I could probably eliminate that problem by using a crease pad when I ran it through the machine, I wanted to find a way to make the hinges more durable.  So I used a house-wrap product called Tyvek.  This stuff is extremely hard to tear and can also be found in your office supply store in the form of Tyvek shipping envelopes.  I can't take credit for coming up with this idea - I first saw it on annes papercreations.  I will show you exactly how I used it in my next post.  So see you then!

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  1. Great project Cathy and brilliant tips too - thanks for sharing - I bet your granddaughter loves it - and oh yes she is cute! MMx


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