Friday, May 31, 2013

May Tag

May tag - sounds like a washing machine.  :)

I apologize for not posting much this month.  I've been busy painting rooms in a house we purchased, trying to stay ahead of the carpenter installing trim (which also had to be painted).  Each day I've been getting more tired - tired of cleaning brushes, tired of paint on my hands, tired of painting the trim a pristine white only to have it covered in sawdust and filled with nail holes as it's installed.  I know it is part of the process but after applying some 34 gallons of paint I am just plain tired and ready for a change of pace.  So a couple of Sundays ago I decided to take time out for some 'art therapy'.  I kept it simple, following Tim's instructions and not straying too much from his design.  It felt good to have ink on my fingers instead of house paint!

The theme for my tag is the trip we took last fall to England and Paris, France.  I used the rub-ons from the sheet that reminded me of things we saw and experienced.  The enamel tag with the eye represents me looking at and seeing these things.

Here are the products I used - all Tim Holtz.  Some of them were items I received in my March prize package so it was fun to put them to use.

We had a great trip, spending time in London, the Cotswalds and Paris.  We saw a couple of musicals in London, toured the Palace, saw the Crown Jewels, photographed thatched roof cottages, visited the Roman Baths, spent a day at the Louvre in Paris and went up in the Eiffel Tower.  It seems so long ago but then I just have to look through my photos and I am reminded of all of the wonderful things we experienced.  Can't wait to go again!
Garden at Hampton Court
Bath, England

Chicken Tractor

Blockley, England residence

Stow in the Wold Pub

Thatched Cottage in England

As always, thanks for stopping!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Storage Ideas

A couple of posts back, I showed you some of the ways I store supplies.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to organize and label things.  Last month I bought a second-hand desk from my brother-in-law and immediately had to figure out the most efficient way to store things in the drawers.  The drawers have movable dividers so I rearranged and rearranged until I had the best configuration.  This is a photo of the drawer I have designated for distress inks, stains and paints.  Total nirvana.  :) 

I labeled the bottles and my ink pads using my Silhouette and some printable sticker paper.  I created the simple shapes, typed in the color names and then printed and cut them with the Silhouette.  Love that machine.

The ink bottles have dropper tops on them so a label wouldn't work.  Instead I used the Tim Holtz distress paints to paint the top in the corresponding color so I could easily grab the one I want.  I don't have corresponding paint to match them all but I keep them in rows by color (of course!) so the painted ones help me narrow down the search.

Flowers, buttons and loose ribbons are stored in glass bottles and jars I found at Hobby Lobby.  And they all sit neatly in this handmade wooden box I found at a craft sale.  It also had plenty of room to line up my spools of ribbon.  The lady who made this box said that she got the pattern from an old box her brother had.  It's a very unique design that I may just have to try and build myself sometime.

 As always, thanks for stopping.