Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Art Therapy

Some of my friends have asked me "What do you do with the tags?  What are they for?"  Well, at this point I have a display rack in my studio that I have been hanging them on.  And what are they for?  The pure fun of it. :)  It gives me so much joy to try new techniques, new products, new ways of manipulating things to get unique results.  They are a way for me to challenge myself to view everyday things from a new perspective.  The other morning I got out of bed after a really rough night of trying to sleep and getting no where.  (Combine my insomnia with my husband's snoring and you get the picture.)  I was so tired and discouraged and frustrated.  I didn't want to face the day and the things I needed to accomplish - I just wanted to cry.  So I stomped down to my studio, parked my butt at my desk, started playing with paints and before you know it, two hours had passed without a single negative thought.  I was just immersed in the creative process.  After that, I moved on with my day.  Art therapy.

As always, thanks for stopping!


  1. Love your tag board - I put mine on mini easels until I make a new one and then hang them on "washing lines" around the top of my craft room. MMx

    1. Love your 'washing line' idea. I may have to find a spot for one of those.


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