Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Silly Wabbit

With all of the snow cover this year, I have been seeing lots of rabbits!  My husband uses the snow blower to make paths for us to walk between buildings, but from the looks of all of the droppings we are not the only ones using them.  When I look out in the early morning just before the sun comes up, I see rabbits hopping everywhere.  We don't have a dog and I have been considering renting or borrowing one.  :)  With all of the gardening I do, rabbits are not my friend!   However, the other morning when everything was covered with a coat of frost, one of those rabbits was nice enough to pose and have his picture taken.  He didn't seem to be at all afraid of me and allowed me to get within 10 feet to take his photo.  He looks well fed, doesn't he.  Hmmmm...
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