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Well, I am finally taking the plunge and writing my first blog post.  I love all things creative, be it gardening, sewing, drawing, painting, mixed media, etc.  In fact, I often tell people I have AADD - Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder. The internet just feeds and fuels my dysfunction creativity.  Just when I think I have found my creative calling, I am distracted and lead astray by yet another amazing idea or technique that I am compelled to try.

A recent quote I came across said "How time flies when you are curious" (author unknown).  That describes my days perfectly!

My goal for this blog is to share with you some of my creations along with info on the products and methods I used.  Through doing so I hope to meet and share with others who are afflicted blessed in the same way.  So I invite you to come along and share my enthusiasm as I continue Creating in a Cottage.

Thanks for stopping!


  1. I love your creative idaes, Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'll be forever thankful that you entered (& won! Major Congratulations!!!) Tim's Challenge so that I found your blog!! I'm also live with AADD [great name!]and I'm looking forward to being led 'astray' by you in the coming years...
    Your blog is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Gayle. I'll look forward to your stops!


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